Immune Zoom

Urban Moonshine
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Immune Tonic

Immune Tonic

Oil Of Oregano

Oil Of Oregano

Urban Moonshine's Immune Zoom features certified organic elderberries and echinacea, blended with Vermont raw honey to deliver a fast-acting boost. Urban Moonshine combines these time honored herbs with circulatory support from ginger and cayenne for an extra kick.

Immune Zoom as a first response, powerful immune support when you need it most. The herbs in Urban Moonshine Immune Zoom are traditionally used to support the immune system and maintain a healthy immune response.


Suggested use: 5 ml (1 tsp) up to 6 times per day. If pregnant or lactacting, consult your healthcare provider.

Servings per bottle:

  1. 2oz (59mL) is approx. 12 servings
  2. 4.2oz (125mL) is approx. 25 servings

Full Ingredient List:

Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Echinacea Root; Org. Fresh Elderberry; Org. Raw Honey; Org. Echinacea Tops; Org. Elderflower; Org. Cinnamon Bark; Org. Ginger Root; Org. Cayenne Fruit. 20-25% alcohol. Certified Organic & Gluten Free.