Aligned Life™ Mini Infinity Roller

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Mini Infinity Roller

For deep tissue self-massage to help relieve pain in tight muscles.

This small, portable roller has a unique shape and softer, more cushion-like foam so that you can gently roll deeper into your tissues and muscles to help relieve pain, improve posture and decompress your joints.

The LO ROX Aligned Life™ Mini Infinity Roll is perfect for hard to reach places and to help relieve soreness in the feet, lower back, shoulder blades, neck, head, chest, rotator cuffs, triceps, forearms, hands, calves, and more.

Simply place the Mini Infinity Roll on the floor or against a wall, behind your head or neck in the seat of your car, or on a plane seat, and roll the area you want to target. It’s ideal for pre-workout, post-workout, yoga, and travel.


  • Crafted from professional grade materials
  • Measures 5”x3”
  • Lightweight and compact for travel
  • Softer foam for gentle relief to sore muscles
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for home, studio or therapeutic use

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