Energy Tonic

Urban Moonshine
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Energizing Adaptogens* 
An energizing adaptogenic formula that supports your adrenal system and boosts stamina and endurance.*

  1. Clean herbal energy—no stimulants*
  2. Enhances adaptability to stress*
  3. Restores mental alertness & protects from the depleting effects of stress*
  4. Energizing adaptogens to enhance your well-being*

          How To Use

          Suggested use: 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) up to 3 times per day. Not to be used during pregnancy.

          Servings per bottle:

          1. 2oz  is approx. 24 servings

              Full Ingredient List

              Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Rhodiola Root; Org. Eleuthero Root; Org. Schisandra Berry; Org. Hawthorn Berry; Org. Hawthorn Leaf and Flower; Org. Licorice Root; Org. Cinnamon Bark; Org. Ginger Root. 40–45% alcohol. Certified Organic & Gluten Free.

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