Scented Reed Diffusers

Queer Candle Co.
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Reed diffusers are an easy and long-lasting alternative to open flames! Each bottle comes with 4oz of fragrance and 7 reeds.

The bottle lasts for 3-4 months and we recommend you flip over reed sticks every 1-2 weeks to maximize the scent throw.

Basil & Amber scent profile:

  • Sweet amber highlights with musky, salty undertones
  • Soothing and grounding
  • A newage masculine scent 


Oak Musk scent profile:

  • Sweet and sultry notes of mandarin and jasmine mix with a complex base of amber and musk
  • Woody oak overtones
  • Warm and inviting


Sweet Grapefruit & Mint scent profile:

  • Sweet, citrusy highlights with herbal notes of mint
  • Rejuvenating and invigorating

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