Single Farm Hydrosol - Tulsi

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"Our biodynamic Tulsi Hydrosol is farmed and distilled in California, just miles from our Petaluma Barn, by a farmer we have worked with since our inception. The vibration and energy that exude from the ingredients we obtain from that land can be felt. They have such a high vitality and spark of life to them."

Skin: Tulsi Hydrosol is calming, cooling and anti-inflammatory to the skin. This hydrosol can be used as a toner and hydrator to help balance the skin’s pH and microbiome. This herbal flower is an excellent fit for those with acne and rosacea symptoms. Generously mist this hydrosol on bug bites and rashes to aid with redness, irritation and swelling.

Body: This soothing flower makes a beautiful room and linen spray, or body mist to soothe our nervous system. When we inhale its scent deeply, it works directly on our pituitary gland to lower stress levels, and it is an excellent bedside ally to assist us with deep sleep. This hydrosol has a lightly floral and sweet scent, like honey.

Spirit: The Tulsi flower brings a sense of expansion and clarity, influencing the top two chakras: third eye and crown. It opens our perception of reality and connects us more deeply to the universe and the cosmos. It quiets a busy mind and sheds light on negative self talk.

Limited Quantities Available

– All Skin Types

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 1 Beneficial Ingredient 

– 100ml